Ready out of the Box

Drag & Drop the terrain prefab in the scene and start terraforming! The package comes included with a demo scene with ready-to-use UI and terraforming tools.

Highly Extensible

New features and terrain operations can be easily added by creating new job types. This allows you to customize Tycoon Tile exactly to your game's needs.

High Performance

Rendering is jobified with Unity's the new high performance job system. Code is executed in the background with optimized machine code thanks to the Burst compiler.

Easy terraforming

Instantly create that classic tycoon feeling with the grid based terraforming tools. Tycoon Tile supports smooth terrain editing and cliff creation using click and drag actions.

Terrain Painting

Tycoon Tile supports up to 65,536 unique terrain materials, allowing you to paint your terrain with all the terrain types you will ever need.

Create water bodies

Tycoon Tile comes with support for water bodies. Create lakes, rivers or oceans with the click of a button!

Why Tycoon Tile?

Tycoon Tile is a tile based terrain asset for use in the Unity game engine that allows you to create tycoon and city builder games quickly. It can be used in perspective or isometric camera view. Tycoon Tile supports intuitive terraforming tools that recreate the classic tycoon game terrain mechanics. Adjust tile height per corner, create rolling hills or steep cliffs. Paint terrain with up to 65536 unique materials. Create water bodies with the click of a button. Skip the tedious work and extend the package with your own game rules. All with the flexibility and high performance as expected, right in the Unity engine.

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